Lady Stella,
The plain, unadorned and plain your house brought me back 35 years! I was 7 years old I went to the house of grandparents. Outside in the courtyard there were all the garden paraphernalia, the press, the well and the stable with the horse, donkey, rabbits and Kotoulas and more beside the warehouse with the hay and cellar with 3 huge barrels that when you entered through listening that boiling the wort to fermenting wine. There we gathered 8 children and grandfather of 24 grandchildren. The smaller the taking around the fireplace and tell stories about those old years ...

Entering So here I remembered those wonderful years and I cried with emotion because it just felt this warmth, tranquility, serenity and relaxation like I was seven.

And many more felt not described with words within two pages. You are a polite creature, a man full of sensibility cultivated a unique style! A personality through the smile and the soft tones you can conquer the heart of even the most wayward man. Have you found yourself and your life and you like to make happy and those around you. I inform you that the coping!

In many hotels or rooms I found notebooks to write. In the "Your house" is the first time that I spent time writing ... I envy their good sense people who can and you are next to them too I would like to have a friend like you. YOU ARE UNIQUE!

You will say: "But we did not talk at all"! And your answer: "A picture is a thousand words".

Thank you for your hospitality. The "house" you became for a while and my own house!

Maria Polyzou

28 th , Oct. 08

Lady Stella,
The guest house was more than a dream room. Decorated simply and elegantly, they made us feel like our home. Moreover, the only thing we want to point out is that our wish and our wish is that there were more people like you. Thanks for everything,

Achilles, Iphigenia

18 th , Oct. 09

'Each time a different experience to the "house", every time more warm welcome and stay. AXEHASTA !!

Claus - Maria

18 th , Jan. 09

"The days we stayed in the" house "was a few to enjoy it. It was like our house so that we did not want to leave. Definitely worth because we calmed down and certainly amazed us. It was just perfect!

Family Lagogiannis (Antonia Theodora, Giorgos, Charis)

21 st , Mar. 09

"Second time in the" house "in Galaxidi. Last year three one a.m. baby belly, four this year. Last year, on the 1st floor, this year on the ground floor.

Everything is great! The "house" incredibly beautiful and convenient, it makes you not want to leave it and so end up convey what would you do outside, inside the "house" (coffee, food, drink). It's awesome to see your children exoikeiononai immediately to the site and play like I was home!

Sure Galaxidi and the "house" will become our constant destination for summer and every time I try to stay one day more ... because it is never enough!

From Patras Michael, Yota, Andreas (3.5 years), Thanassis (13minon)

31 st , Aug. 10

Good morning! Wonderful jams ... Fantastic garden ... coffee and relaxing in a beautiful environment ... Somehow so began our day on your beautiful land ... Your house is very warm, cozy and traditional ... Just what we were looking ... Everything was great. Thank you very much for your hospitality ... We hope to be able to visit you again ...

Kyriakos Ioanna

28 th , Oct. 10

We chose the hostel, the seemingly smallest of the house, for our own reasons ... In the process we have discovered that not only small but is enormous! HUGE because they can guard so many memories good and bad, in his arms. So our own we felt we this weekend. Thank you for EVERYTHING. Very homemade. We will come back to see you again. PS hello to your hands. It was all very tasty! (Go the promenade diet)


13 th , June 11

Dear Stella,
What beautiful that you've made it all! Tastefully simple, noiaximo and the minimal, clean, colorful, fluffy !! Thank you for hosting this weekend - the xeklepsame with difficulty from our daily lives and we force all winter! Too bad not met. but we will be back!

To see you and bring spring and our son. With all our wishes

Chr. Mantalovas - E. Baker

07 th , Nov. 11